educational opportunities

Caring Connections will provide information and links about educational opportunities for clergy, chaplains, seminarians, and lay professional visitors offered by ELCA and LCMS related organizations.  If you are aware of a program that you would like to promote, please email the editor. Chuck Weinrich

"Give Something Back" Scholarships

Give Something Back" scholarship provides financial assistance to recipients seeking clinical educational preparation for service in ministries of chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, and clinical supervision. In addition, the endowment created an opportunity for those who had received financial assistance for their own education to "give something back" by helping others with similar needs. The "give something back" endowment will make a very limited number of financial awards available to individuals seeking ecclesiastical endorsement and  certification/credentialing in ministries of chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, and clinical education. applicants must:

*have completed one (1) unit of CPE.

*be rostered or eligible for active roster status in the ELCA or the LCMS

*not already be receiving funds from the ELCA or the LCMS national offices

*submit an application with a financial data form for committee review.

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