an inter-lutheran journal for practitioners and teachers of
pastoral care and counseling
issn  1559-8195


Vol 12 No 1 2015:Christus in Mundo Awards

Vol 11 No 4 2014: Ministry with People in the Second Half of Life - Part Two

Vol 11 No 3 2014: Ministry with People in the Second Half of Life - Part One

Vol 11 No 2 2014: Pastoral Involvement With Advance Directives

Vol 11 No 1 2014: Special Edition from Zion XV

vol 10 no 4 2013: Pastoral Involvement With Violence Within Families

vol 10 no 3 2013: Torn Apart: Pastoral Care Responses to Community Violence

Spring 2013: Violating Boundaries: Improprieties in Ministry

Winter 2013 "Light in the Darkness: Hope, Resilience and Moral Injury

Fall 2012 "Pastoral Care and Suicide

Winter 2012 "Pastoral Care and Criminal Justice"

Fall 2011 "Dealing with Sacred Spaces in an Increasingly Diverse Culture"

Summer 2011 "Pastoral Care and Intentional Interim Ministries"

Spring 2011 "Zion Issue"

Fall 2010 "Pastoral Care andAddictions"

Summer 2010 "Pastoral Care and Parish Nursing"

Spring 2010 "Pastoral Care and Dementia"

Winter 2010 "Lutheran Endorsement Process for Specialized Ministries"

Fall 2009 "Forgiveness and Pastoral Care

Summer 2009 "Disaster Response and Pastoral Care"

Spring 2009 "Serving the Suffering; Serving the Servant

Fall 2008 "Spiritual Care in Long Term Care and Rehabilitation"

Summer 2008 "Topics in Clinical Pastoral Education"

Spring 2008 "Spiritual Care and Pandemic Flu"

Fall 2007 "Pastoral Care Among Returning Veterans"

Summer 2007 "Topics on Pastoral Counseling"

Spring 2007 "Power and Passion for Pastoral Ministry: Zion XIII"

Fall 2006 "Sabbath and Self-Care for Pastoral Care Providers

Summer 2006 "Ethics and Pastoral Care"

Spring 2006 "Ritual and Pastoral Care"

Fall 2005 "Spiritual Care in a Diverse World"

Summer 2005 "Spiritual Care of the Organization" 

Fall 2004 "God and Suffering"

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